Top Weight Loss Secret


Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a key issue not only for Mother Earth, but also for your weight loss journey. Try to build long-term habits to get long-lasting results.

Adopt a sustainable and healthy diet and exercise routines you enjoy doing in the long term rather than trying to achieve rapid changes. Losing weight isn’t about short-term restrictions – it’s more about building a balanced lifestyle.


Increase your awareness

Be aware of your eating patterns. For instance, think about why you’re feeling hungry. Is it really because of a physical need, or does that hunger instead reflect an emotional need? Or ask yourself why you have an urge to eat bigger portions.

Focus on your needs and the feelings behind your hunger and you’ll find it easier to cope with unwanted urges to snack.


Be gentle with yourself 

Losing weight is also a mental battle. Be your best friend during this challenging journey, and speak to yourself kindly instead of blaming yourself when you don’t stick to your exact routine. Adopting a compassionate attitude makes you feel more and more motivated.


Exercise wisely

Exercising works well for losing weight if it’s done wisely. Mix cardiovascular and weight training and try a variety of workouts to keep your body literally on its toes. For instance, plan pilates for one day and schedule a running session for the next day.

Good news: We’re here to help you build a customized workout program that’s tailored to your goal. Simply download Fitness Kompanion and get sweating.


Love your kitchen

Eating out too often might cause weight gain as these meals are often rich in salt, fat, and sugar. In a study, researchers have discovered that people consume an extra 190 calories per meal than if they were eating at home.

So spend more time in your own kitchen. And believe us, once you get into the habit, you’ll want to eat more home-cooked meals.


Pay attention to your portions

How much you eat matters as well as what you eat. Even if you make healthy choices, bigger portions still become excessive weight. Bear in mind that you need to create a calorie deficit to decrease the numbers on the scale.


Add protein and healthy fats to your plate

Foods that are rich in protein and healthy fats make you feel fuller and help you control your appetite, and as a result, your weight. Next time you head to the grocery store, be sure to add avocado, salmon, chickpeas, eggs, and coconut oil to your basket.


Last words

Losing weight may not always be an easy peasy job. But don’t get overwhelmed! Just follow these rules, push your limits as far as you can… and always remember to be kind to yourself on this journey.

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