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  • WHY

    Instead of thinking life insurance is only for final expenses,   try researching all of its potential benefits, including living benefits.   From paying bills and the mortgage or rent, to funds for college and retirement, life insurance is for so much more than a funeral. And many don’t know that life insurance can come…

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  • Top Weight Loss Secret

      Focus on sustainability Sustainability is a key issue not only for Mother Earth, but also for your weight loss journey. Try to build long-term habits to get long-lasting results. Adopt a sustainable and healthy diet and exercise routines you enjoy doing in the long term rather than trying to achieve rapid changes. Losing weight…

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  • What is Insurance?

    Insurance is a contract between an individual or business and an insurance company that provides financial protection against potential losses or risks. You need insurance to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, or your assets from unexpected events that could result in financial hardship.

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  • Asuransi Jiwa Sebagai Aset Waris Anda

    Asuransi Jiwa Sebagai Aset Waris Anda

    Saat pemegang polis tutup usia, asuransi jiwa adalah instrumen yang paling mudah cair dan tanpa biaya dibandingkan dengan aset rekening bank dan properti. Rekening akan dibekukan hingga proses waris selesai. Sedangkan properti, besar biaya BPHTB adalah 5% dari harga beli dikurangi Nilai Jual Objek Pajak Tidak Kena Pajak (NJOPTKP)

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